Here’s the Trailer For Richard Linklater’s ’80s Comedy ‘Everybody Wants Some’

it’s called ‘everybody wants some’

Instead of following up the massive success of Boyhood with another awards season lock, Richard Linklater is going back to his comedy roots with Everybody Wants Some, a spiritual sequel to his slacker classic, Dazed and Confused. This movie is set a decade later in the '80s, and follows college baseball players as they transition into adulthood on a floating cloud of marijuana smoke and a steady stream of beer. Like in Dazed, Linklater-—who could work with just about any star he wants—has cast a bunch of relative unknowns, one of which could very well be the next Matthew McConaughey (who got his break in Dazed and Confused). One familiar face is NYLON fave Zoey Deutch, who looks just as charming as when we interviewed her earlier this month.

Everybody Wants Some hits theaters this April, and you can watch the trailer above.