Richie Quake’s New Video Is “Irresistible (Ice Cold)”

A casual night in the streets of New York

If you've been searching for some new flavors of contemporary R&B, you need to give

Richie Quake

a spin. The Brooklyn-based singer and producer crafts futuristic bedroom booming tracks for the emotional and introspective listener, making you feel cozy in all the right places. (In his 


bio, Quake describes it as "music meant to be felt.") With the help of his fellow SUNY Purchase mates 

Matt Seger and Dexter Brierley, Quake is dropping his debut music video for breakout single "Irresistible (Ice Cold)," premiering right here on NYLON.

On the inspiration behind the sensational song, Quake told us that it's a tale of lust and desire. "The chance encounter, an adventure out of the comfort zone, the inevitable downfall, and an unquenchable thirst to regain what was lost," he said. "The song is delivered as an intimate, nostalgic reflection from one lover to another. As he recites to her the story of their relationship, the listener cannot ignore the undertones of resentment for how the sweetest juice always seems to come from forbidden fruit."

The video further explores this notion, and Seger revealed that it was created with a $500 budget and one big idea "to

find an empty street in New York City and light the hell out of it." The guys collaborated with a few of their closest friends, all Purchase graduates, for the shoot which took place on an empty street in a residential neighborhood on a late Thursday night starting at around 9pm and ending at about


"We didn’t have any permits to be shooting so we had to be extremely quiet and stealthy throughout," Seger added. "All of the lighting for the video was done with small LED Lights, taped to the ends of a 10-foot PVC pipe, and suction cupped to windows. We shot the entire video on the [Sony] a7S II which gave us great-looking low light footage. Ultimately, it was a real collaboration of people who came together to try and make something that visually represented the music


Take a look for yourself and watch the fluorescent visual, above.