rick ross in nylon guys

The Maybach Mastermind…The Biggest Bawse…

by Josh Madden

Rick Ross in NYLON Guys

When Rick Ross AKA The Bawse came to kick it at NYLON HQ, the entire staff found a reason to stay late. The Maybach Mastermind is not only a walking party, but something about the guy raises the morale of a room--there's a feeling of opulence that comes along with his handshake that just feels like success.

We're beyond stoked to devote six pages to Miami's finest as he "lit up" our lives and office space alike, and popped a few Belaire bottles for the latest issue. Check out page 86 as Ross talks about his new record, reminisces about the days of Uncle Luke at Pac Jam, and surviving last year's drive-by.

One thing is for sure: no matter what name you know him by, there is only one Rick Ross. Check out some of the outtakes from our time spent with him, and make sure you pick up the latest NYLON Guys to check out all of the amazing photos shot by

Isa Wipfli