Rihanna’s Album Might Be Coming This Week

black friday is about to be lit

If sources on Twitter are to be believed, we could very well have a new Rihanna album in our iTunes (or Tidal queues…) by the end of the week. Beginning November 27, HITS Daily Double reports that Anti will be available exclusively on TIDAL for a week until it’s released worldwide on December 4. (Though, nothing is ever exclusive on the Internet anymore.)

Until then, Rihanna and Samsung have teamed up for one of the year’s most peculiar promotional endeavours. She’s created the ANTIdiaRY, a mobile experience consisting of eight chapters. The first begins in a room. Using a smartphone, one can swivel 360-degrees, pausing on certain objects that bring you into Rih’s creative process for the much-hyped album. There are also new snippets of music to hear, too. It’s all very pretty, moody, and a clever advertisement for TIDAL. Why is Rihanna following these two children, though? Also, why doesn’t the crown fit the girl that’s playing toddler Rihanna? It’s all one big question mark that we’re fumbling over while waiting for our phone's browser to load. Perhaps some answers lie in the Instagram account @iamthekeyholder. Houston, we need help!

Unlock the mystery. #ANTIdiaRY https://t.co/ddHbXXa8dd — Samsung Mobile US (@SamsungMobileUS) November 23, 2015