Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images


Of Course Rihanna Wore Those Thigh-High UGG Boots To Coachella

What else do you wear in the presence of Beyoncé?

Back in January, French fashion label Y/Project—the brand responsible for the convertible shorts-pants loved by the Hadids and hated by the internet—launched its latest head scratch-inducing item at its Fall 2018 menswear show: the thigh-high UGG boot, an, erm, interesting collaboration between the two brands.

The internet gawked. Fashion people were intrigued, but not so convinced. And then, the boots showed up again in March—this time, on the womenswear runway.

What everyone needed was for someone to prove us wrong, showing us how these ugly boots can actually fall under the ugly-cute category. And that someone would, obviously, be Rihanna.

In a head-turning display of festival fashion, RiRi rolled up to Coachella donning a full runway look from Y/Project: a sheer, tan dress complete with the thigh-high boots. Really though, what else would you expect from her (and what else would one wear in the presence of Queen Bey)?

While we imagine thigh-high, shearling-lined boots aren't the ideal footwear—or legwear—choice in desert conditions, Rihanna proved, once again, that she's not of this world (and that we're not worthy of her greatness).

Now that she has worn them, prepare to see these bad boys everywhere in the coming weeks.