Photo courtesy of Puma


You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On The New Fenty Creepers

Stop it, Rihanna!

Just when you thought that you had a window of opportunity to start saving money again, Rihanna swoops in and takes it all back without a care in the world. (Let's not forget to mention Beyoncé too—between the two of them, we might as well file for bankruptcy because we are on the verge of going broke with all their recent fashion launches and tours.)

Puma recently shared a sneak peek of the latest edition of Creepers on Snapchat, and dare we say that they are better than their predecessors? The new kicks come in black with satin laces, all-white, and green with a burgundy stripe. 

Before we know it, Rih will be unveiling her debut clothing collection for Puma, and we will all be deep in debt. At least we'll look absolutely fabulous in the process, though, right? (Obviously, we've hit a stage of denial that is too far from our reach.) Take it all, Rihanna.

Mark your calendar for May 26, and set eight alarms once the time is released—none of these bad gals will be left for the taking for long. The countdown begins now.

Photos courtesy of Puma