rise and grimes

the electro-pop star is the latest ysl designer.

by rebecca willa davis

That Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) is a fashion favorite is no surprise--it was only a few months back that we tapped her for a little Private Icon inspiration, and it's a given that at some point during Fashion Week you'll hear one of her electro-pop songs soundtracking a runway show. But so far her foray into the design world has been limited to, well, graphic rings. (Like, seriously graphic rings--her collaboration with Montreal artist Morgan Black was called "Grimes Pussy Rings.") Her latest project is less blush-inducing and more jealousy-inducing: She's created a capsule collection of men's T-shirts for Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent Paris. The tees, which come in black or white, feature Boucher's awesome doodles.

One features snakes and the YSL logo, another has two swan heads (that may or may not be connected--the drawings are trippy like that), a third has a tribal mask. In total, there are five different designs. Coming from someone who went to art school before breaking out with tracks like "Oblivion" (and who still exhibits her artwork), it feels like a more honest collaboration than some other music-fashion pairings we've seen.

And though it's technically part of the men's collection, we don't think that this capsule collection is just for the boys--in fact, we're pretty sure Boucher would be into the gender-bending anyway. You can put in your pre-order for the tees, which will set you back $320-$350 depending on the design, here--or pick one up at the Saint Laurent stores in New York and L.A., which will be getting their Grimes shipment this week and next.