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robert pattinson has couture designer dreams.

by liza darwin

Robert Pattinson likes drawing couture dresses in his spare time and wants to show a collection at Fashion Week eventually but is nervous because "it's really embarrassing." (Oyster)

This season of SNL features six (!!) new cast members. Before the season premiere airs, get the details on them all right here. (EW)

Reason #542543 why Rebel Wilson is the coolest: she's not afraid to stand up for herself, laughs when her skirt rips off after getting stuck in the elevator...oh, and she's hilarious. (New York Magazine)

Every Monday afternoon needs a dance party. This one has Daft Punk and Pharrell (and no, it's not "Get Lucky"). (LA Times)

For Saint Laurent's new Music Project, designer and photographer Hedi Slimane shoots his musical heroes. Click here for portraits of icons like BB King and more--all decked out in Saint Laurent suits, of course. (Dazed Digital