Robert Pattinson Is Unrecognizable In The ‘Good Time’ Trailer

The film premieres at Cannes this week

The last time we saw Robert Pattinson, he was barely visible beneath a giant beard in The Lost City of Z. Now, in the brand-new trailer for the gritty thriller Good Time, Pattinson disappears not just under a mop of bleached blonde hair and a goatee, but under a believable Queens, New York, accent, too. Playing Constantine Nikas, a small-time bank robber who’ll do anything to get his brother out of Rikers Island after he’s arrested, it’s hard to believe this is the same actor who donned fangs as vampire Edward Cullen. It’s yet another example of how far the actor is willing to stretch himself post-Twilight

It’s worth noting that the title of this movie is deceiving. Directed by Ben and Josh Safdie, the trailer hints at this movie being one giant punch to the gut, cycling back between one brother (played by Ben Safdie) living through a prison nightmare, while the other is getting tormented on the streets of New York by a mix of seedy characters. Good Time is about to have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and the hype is significant. The Safdies have been playing around in an independent sandbox for a while, and while Good Time is very much an indie movie, it still represents a huge leap forward for the New York filmmakers. The official press release describes it as a “haywire symphony of violence and mayhem.” So yeah, a good time. Watch the trailer above.