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Though you'll have to wait until this fall to hear Avril Lavigne's fifth album, you can pick up the latest issue of NYLON featuring the rock'n'roll star right now--that's right, our annual Music Issue is on newsstands starting today! And because we love you, we've got bonus quotes from Lavigne's interview with writer Liz Armstrong that you won't be able to read anywhere else.

What a day in the life of Avril Lavigne is like:

Work out, maybe go rollerblading. When I'm working, if I'm in the studio, there is no time other than for the work I'm doing. I work really late, and then I go to bed, and then I go right there. I can't work out when I'm working--there is literally no time! The only time I get to work out is when I'm off. A regular day without working, I sleep in, work out, cook, clean, do all that domestic stuff, hang out at home. I don't really go out; I like to be at home. If I'm on the road, I like to hang out with people.

Why she'll never talk about her relationship:

I've always been really private and protective of my family and my relationships. I never talk about them. This is the first one that right off the bat everyone knew about and it was kinda hard to not talk about it because we work together. And [fiance Chad Kroeger] also in the limelight, and everyone talks about him. So it's the first time I've been this open to talking. I don't say too much though.

What she learned from her last album, Goodbye, Lullaby:

I was trying to do something on that record, and I didn't have the support from my label. There was a lot of going back and forth, a lot of arguing about certain styles and songwriters. There was a lot of drama around the record. I think that it was a hard experience for me because of that. Energetically--when people aren't on board with you, they don't support you, or they try to force you to do things you don't want to do--it affects the flow. Some people might not believe in that, but I certainly do. I had many challenges all around with the entire experience of that album, based on people on the business end. It was very unpleasant, but I had to be really tough and strong and go up there with my fucking head up.

How it's been growing up in the spotlight:

I think it's cool that I can go back on YouTube and look at old interviews. It's so crazy because I was so young; I can see old pictures, and everything was documented! I think it's good that it wasn't childhood childhood, like I got to have a regular normal childhood, went to school, played hockey, played baseball, got to be with my family in a small town. So I had that normal childhood and upbringing.

Why she has some of the most loyal fans in the business:

It's hard for me to really know that. I'm not sure. I think it's probably because I write my songs, and because my songs are real. They mean something to people. I've had the experience of meeting fans all across the world, and they tell me that, that I have an effect on their lives. I've also put in a lot of time with fans; every single album, I tour. I spend the time going to all the cities and all the countries. When you do that, putting the time in to go see them, I think the fans become loyal.


T-shirt by Wasteland, skirt by Muubaa, jewelry by Vita Fede.


Dress by AllSaints, belt by Zara, Lavigne's own ring.


Leggings by H&M, jacket by Damir Doma


Jacket by Damir Doma, leggings by H&M, jewelry by Vita Fede