the concert tee gets a high tech update.

by liza darwin

The rock concert experience usually goes a little something like this: go to the show, buy a t-shirt, and then relive the awesome memories by wearing the shirt and blasting the artist's music nonstop for months afterward. Because as everyone knows, the reason we buy concert tees in the first place is the sentimental value that's behind them.

The new line Archive 1887 takes this idea and applies it to their collection of vintage-inspired t-shirts. For its debut season, the company has teamed up with Sony to create  tees from classic artists like Iggy Pop, Miles Davis, Patti Smith, Johnny Cash and more, featuring album art and photos from the record company's archives.

Each of these super-soft shirts comes with a special code that "unlocks" the vault and gives access to an online playlist of 100+ songs from all the artists, along with the historical background behind each specific image.

So when you throw it on, it's like you're experiencing rock n' roll history all over again...even if you weren't there to watch it live the first time around.

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