‘Room 104’ Trailer: A Lot Can Happen In One Motel Room

The Duplass brothers return to HBO with this new anthology series

When HBO unexpectedly canceled Togetherness, it left fans of the big-hearted dramedy in disbelief. The show had a small but very devoted fan base and was beloved by critics. But no one one was more heartbroken by the show’s cancellation after just two seasons than its creators, Mark and Jay Duplass, and cast members (including Melanie Lynskey, who talked to us about grieving the show’s end last year).

But the Duplass brothers, gracious as they are, had no hard feelings toward HBO. And in fact, the brothers had signed a production deal with the network to provide more content for them. The first announced project from this deal was an anthology series called Room 104, which would, over the course of 12 half-hour episodes, follow a litany of characters as they passed through a single motel room. HBO has just dropped the show’s first trailer, and it’s stranger than we thought. That’s James Van Der Beek dancing around the room in a tuxedo, one of the many moments throughout the short spot that signals that Room 104 is going explore different, dreamlike territory for the Duplass brothers, who are known for their emotional realism. Check out the trailer above, and catch Room 104 when it premieres on HBO on July 28.