It’s Rooney Mara Vs. Ben Mendelsohn In The Intense ‘Una’ Trailer

It might be time for a trip to Singapore

Don’t be fooled by the intense new trailer for Una, a psychological thriller starring Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn. It says the movie hits theaters on January 19, but that only rings true if you happen to live in Singapore. Australian director Benedict Andrews’ debut movie was well-received when it played at the Telluride and Toronto film festivals last year, but it was yet to lock down a stateside distributor, and, as of now, is only being released in Singapore.

That may have something to do with the movie’s risky subject matter. Mara plays who a woman who suddenly re-enters the life of the older man who sexually abused her 15 years ago. She hasn’t moved on from the psychological damage inflicted on her, while he has remarried and rebuilt his life. But the people in his new life—his family, his colleagues—aren't aware of his past, and much of the movie’s tension comes from her ability and seeming willingness to destroy his new life by exposing his old one. Una is based on the play Blackbird, which the playwright David Harrower adapted himself into the script, and it reunites Mendelsohn with his Rogue One co-star Riz Ahmed, who plays a co-worker of his. Given Mara’s star power, and the post-Star Wars heat surrounding both Mendelsohn and Ahmed, it’s likely Una will eventually be available if not in theaters, then at least on a streaming service. Watch the trailer above.