editor’s pick: flower power

why i can’t live without this cropped tee.

Was I the only kid who pressed flowers? I totally hope not, because there was something so cool about spending all day outside, hand-picking colorful wild stuff that grew just beyond my bedroom window, and then pressing it between the pages of a blank notebook while watching The Adventures of Pete & Pete. After a few days, when I opened the pages, I'd be left with what looked like the illustrations in a vintage wildflower plant identification guide. Now, in 2013, I'm really wishing I kept those pressed flower books, because how fun would it be to open up a whole collection of 20-year-old daisies?

But, unfortunately, just like the LImited Too 'Roller Girl' shirt and Paul Frank monkey PJs I once had, all of my coolest stuff from when I was younger was thrown out because I thought, "This will never be back in style." So can you blame a girl for wanting a special something totally inspired by the old stuff she once had?!

If you're anything like me and also without all of your favorite gear from the good old days (whomp whomp), never fear--I've got the perfect replacement: this psychic rose crop tee by The Lost Pony. Not only does it totally bring me back to my lost books filled with pressed flowers, but it also reminds me of the seance scene in Now & Then, the kaleidoscopes that I would get from KB Toys, holographic rose stickers that I'd slap onto my Trapper Keeper, and magazine page collages that I used to plaster on my bedroom walls.

So don't worry, I understand, we all have stuff we wish we never threw out, from art projects to clothes. But there are some things you can do to make you feel better. Like retail therapy, where you buy new stuff that reminds you of all the awesome goodies that you used to have--because I will be getting this cropped tee and I will be pairing it with a black choker necklace and a flannel tied around my high-wasted-jean hips, and my heart will go on.

R.I.P. pressed flower book.