marc jacobs makes a beauty-fashion hybrid.

by faran krentcil

In the '90s, girls bought Louis Vuitton makeup cases and carried them around as purses (guilty; I've still got mine). Now, fashion designers have caught onto the game, but instead of thwarting their young fans, they're actually helping us out.

Witness the Marc Jacobs Lola jewelry, the latest in a line of makeup baubles that includes Dior's lip gloss brooch, Anna Sui's lipstick ring, and Tarina Tarantino's recent plastic jewelry collection for Sephora.  There's also the matter of the Princess by Vera Wang ring that you pull off the top of the perfume bottle, but that's another story.

This time around, Marc's put his flirty Lola scent in a flirty gold charm bracelet and an oversize cocktail ring.  Both boast Lola's signature purple-and-red rubber rose on top, a timely (and trendy) touch, since those are two of Fall 2010's biggest colors. 

The bracelet sells for $42, the ring's on sale for $21, and it goes without saying that both are cheaper than the actual jewelry for sale at Marc's various glimmering boutiques.  Plus, these smell amazing.  So there you go.

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