This Is The Ruby Rose Photo Shoot You’ve Been Waiting For

    You’ve hit peak Ruby

    by · April 12, 2016

    Fact: Your eyes have seen few things as hot and glam as actor and model Ruby Rose’s new, glamorous photo shoot in the latest Galore magazine. It’s not a far stretch to call this her best one yet. See, this is Rose more glam and perhaps more campy than we’ve ever seen her before—in no small part thanks to legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth, stylists Law Roach and Zadrian Smith, and a combo of clothes and sets that are as colorful as her many tattoos.

    Galore was actually quite generous this month, because along with these snaps—you can see more of them here—the magazine has provided us all with a solid, charming interview with the oh-so-real Rose. The quotes are pretty damned amazing (as she is). For instance, Rose is simply not here for your It Girl narratives:

    The funny thing about being called an “it girl” is, well, it’s the kiss of death. You know what I mean? It’s like being “in.” Anything that’s “in fashion” ultimately goes out of fashion. So when that started being thrown around, I thought, “Oh, God. How long is this going to last before somebody else is the new it girl?” Not because I was worried I’d be left behind, but because I wanted someone else to hurry up so people would stop calling me that.

    Love it. Rose goes into way more depth about some very touchy subjects including claims she turns women gay (ummm, what?), coming to terms with how people treat her for being open with her sexuality, and her feelings on Channing Tatum. No, really.

    Check out all those fine words and so many more fine photos over at Galore or, better yet, pick up the issue on newsstands now.

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