Watch Ryan Gosling Videobomb Russell Crowe

happy friday!

Sensing that he needed to step up his internet game, former meme generator Ryan Gosling flexed his virality muscles when he crashed a Russel Crowe awards show presentation. The actor has been laying low since he and his wife Eva Mendes welcomed their first child, but is currently on location in Los Angeles shooting the '70s-set crime drama The Nice Guys, opposite Crowe, Matt Bomer, and Kim Basinger. That would explain their retro duds and Gosling's bushy handlebar mustache. Crowe was presenting an award at the AACTAs—basically Australia's Oscars—which meant jokes about New Zealand and fake accents. It's not exactly break-the-internet material, but it's Ryan Gosling being a charming goofball, which is more than good enough.