Ryan Gosling Is A Great Awkward Dad on ‘Saturday Night Live’

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We would be remiss if we thought we were the only ones who ascribed the "DILF" label to Ryan Gosling. But last night on Saturday Night Live, Gosling showed his dad side more than we've ever seen it before—and it was amazing.

With a caterpillar mustache and plaid button-down, RyGos played the part of a super cheesy, pun-loving dad at his daughter's birthday party. And while his daughter and most of her friends roll their eyes at his "embarrassing" jokes, Aidy Bryant's character Melanie clearly has some different ideas about her friend's dad. Namely, that he is a mega-hunk, and even at 13-years-old she can recognize that.

It's a victory for Gosling that he can still charm us when he plays such a dorky character, but we'll always have heart eyes for this Canadian actor no matter what. In fact, we'd actually like to see him indulge in his nerdy side more often. More of this, please.

Watch Gosling's dad sketch above, along with two other hilarious clips from last night's SNL on the pages ahead.

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RyGos may be a talented actor, but when it comes to this hilarious alien abductee sketch, he just can't keep it together. But hey, we have no problem with a giggling Gosling.