Don’t Miss S1’s Glitchy Remix of Sarah Jaffe’s ‘Don’t Disconnect’ (First Listen)

The original version of Sarah Jaffe's "Don't Disconnect" is all about space.more

There's little on the track besides the Texas songwriter's yearning vocals, and the sparseness of the accompaniment works perfectly with the pleading lyrics. Credit producer S1 (Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West) with adding his personal touch and creating something as emotionally resonant with the remix we're premiering today.

S1 and Jaffe have a history of killer team-ups, and in addition to playing together in the side project the Dividends, whose "Fools Gold" we championed last year, they collaborated on the Eminem track "Bad Guy," which appeared on the rapper's 2013 Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Here, S1 turns "Don't Disconnect," the title track from Jaffe's latest LP, into a glitchy little groover, and while he injects a tiny burst of energy, he doesn't overshadow the singer's heart-punching performance.

"S1 is one of my favorite people and it just so happens that he makes good music," Jaffe says. "I knew when he got ahold of the track he would bring his magic to it."

"Had tons of fun remixing the 'Don't Disconnect' song for Sarah Jaffe," S1 says. "This was one of my favorite songs from her new album. Her vocal tone and textures always inspire and pull out something wild and creative in me."

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