Saint Motel My Type Music Video - Paper Towns Movie Soundtrack

“my type” is so cali, so cool

The music-video house party is a special breed of house party. Nowhere but in a music video will you find a ton of gorgeous people being gorgeous together, parading through a maze of a house with inflatable pools, glowing palm trees, dance circles, and whatnot—all with out breaking something and looking like they’ve been over-served. Real life plays out just a teeny bit differently. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, and Saint Motel’s new video for “My Type” is perfect for that.

Maybe it’s a California thing, but synchronized swimmers seem like an offbeat choice for party entertainment, but a welcome one nonetheless. They, plus the Vegas dancers, amp the video’s carefree vibe. It’s no wonder the folks behind the film adaptation of Paper Towns wanted to align this track with the movie and its soundtrack. The clips from the film that’ve been mixed with Saint Motel’s video fit together seamlessly. Speaking to us over email, Saint Motel’s frontman A/J Jackson told us the band was “flattered to hear the movie studio liked [the] official video for ‘My Type.’” And why wouldn’t it be? It’s everything a summer party is and should be.