Watch Two Hilarious New Teasers For Samantha Bee’s Show Full Frontal

two new teasers for her show ‘full frontal’

This February, former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee will become the only--yes, the only--female host in the dude-centric world of late night TV. Based on these new teasers for show, Full Frontal, Bee is more than up to the task.

The first one takes aim at Donald Trump, a reminder that Bee, after spending years learning from Jon Stewart, is more skilled at political satire than any of her male counterparts.

The second, more substantial teaser, shows Bee arriving at a Star Wars canteen dressed as a Jedi, before accidentally killing its alien population with a complicated lightsaber. On the brightside, she promises a dying alien that if he likes "smart, edgy satire about world events," he's going to love her show. It sounds like we will, too.