Saoirse Ronan Stars As Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl” Love Interest In New Video

In which he gets beat up… again

"She played the fiddle in an Irish band/ but she fell in love with an English man," is how Ed Sheeran starts off his song for "Galway Girl." In his just-released video, we see how that love story plays out for him.

Shot by Sheeran (well, from his perspective), the video follows the singer while on a night out with the title girl, played by the remarkable Saoirse Ronan. After meeting at a bar, the two frolic around the city (of Galway, duh) and get into mischief, like dancing with Irish step dancers on the street as though he's not Ed Sheeran and doesn't have a manic fan base. The singer gets a tattoo (which he apparently got in real life. Instead of it reading "Galway Girl" in Ronan's handwriting, she purposefully misspelled it to read "Galway Grill"). 

They go to another bar where Sheeran accidentally throws a dart into a man's back. At their final stop, he gets punched out by an Irishman after spilling beer on him. Not to worry, though, he has his pretty little Galway girl to nurse him back to health. 

Watch the full video above.