Saoirse Ronan

“i go to the cinema for the movies, but i stay for the popcorn.”

by liza darwin

Famous or not, there aren't many 19-year-olds who are as cool as Saoirse Ronan. The Irish actress is a certifiable movie star--she has an Oscar nomination, 14 films to her name, and 3 more coming up this year--but despite the fact that now she admittedly gets recognized on the street, this is a girl who remains just as warm, friendly, and awesomely down to earth as she was when I first met her more than three years ago.

Her newest project 

How I Live Now 

is a big-screen adaptation of Meg Rosoff's 2004 young adult novel. Although it might 


like it's just for kids, trust us when we say it goes way deeper than your typical fluffy YA plot. Daisy (played by Ronan with a pitch-perfect American accent) is a broody New York teenager who's spending the summer visiting long-lost relatives in England. However, things get twisted and turned upside down quickly when a war breaks out and she and her cousins have to fight for survival. This love story-meets-futuristic drama rests almost entirely upon Ronan's shoulders, and of course, she handles it like a total pro.

But before you check out the movie when it hits theaters tomorrow (pro tip: bring tissues!), see what Ronan has to say about her current obsessions below. Turns out, even Academy Award nominees are just as addicted to movie theater popcorn as we are....

Playing against type:

I didn't read the book until after I made the film, so I only had the script to go on. Daisy was so fun to play; I just loved the change that she went through! She had a major attitude problem in the beginning of the movie, but is an entirely different person by the end. I've played a lot of characters that were ethereal and really kind, nice people, and while I loved playing them, I wanted a change. I was desperate to play a very current modern young girl that you can see every day. 

Discovering new bands:

I used to be obsessed with Lady Gaga. I really loved that early music and am interested to see what she's doing with her new album, but right now I'm into listening to new stuff. Right now I love Haim, Beach House, and Grizzy Bear, right now. Oh, and there's also a band called Alt-J that I love. Sometimes I listen to a lot of folk music and rock-- older stuff, like Fleetwood Mac, The Smiths, and The Beatles. 

Movie theater popcorn:

When I'm not working I'm always at the movies. Well, I go to the cinema for the movies, but I stay for the popcorn. 


Seriously, though! I've started to crave the popcorn when I'm not there. I'm addicted. 

Perfecting her American accent:

I've done the accent so long I don't have many words that give me trouble. I used to have problems saying "dad," but I think I have that one down. In 

How I Live Now

I loved getting to say "fuck!" and "gross!" I've never had to say anything like that before, so it was fun. 

Irish tea: 

Americans need to get better at tea! I'm going to leave tea bags for you guys outside your door and on trees and hopefully that will spread the movement. That's one thing you all can work on. [


How I Live Now 

opens in theaters November 8.