Saro Debuts A Visually Arresting Video For “TEST”

Warning: strobing ahead

It's often assumed that darkness breeds the best art. Though it's not exactly scientifically proven, it's not necessarily untrue. Some of the most profound albums have come from a not-so-fun place (Fleetwood Mac's Rumors, Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago, most of Billie Holiday's canon). But, the fact that those albums exist and the musicians were able to pull themselves out their rut and promote and perform them is a testament to the power of channeling your energy into something more creative than just wallowing. 

For the L.A.-based artist Saro, the past and its unpleasant moments are a source of influence. "TEST," the first track off of his upcoming In Loving Memory EP, is rooted in a hollow feeling and not giving in to that nagging voice which makes negativity so easy and alluring. (Though his smooth, cunning production begs to differ.) Speaking of the video, Saro tells us it "expresses the resurfacing of a traumatic past and the realization that memories can recess deep into the psyche but can never truly be forgotten." He adds, "I've faced catastrophic loss in the past few years that has since defined my artistic identity. I've come to terms with becoming a product of my experiences—however bleak they may be."

In Loving Memory, an EP Saro says is made up of installments influenced by different stages of mourning, drops December 2.