all photos by maya fuhr


what to do when you cut class

as documented by this exclusive fashion shoot.

Whether it was to hang out with friends or just catch up on some much needed zzzz's, cutting class always seemed like a good idea (and almost always was). And while we can't skip out on school or work anymore, that doesn't mean we can't fantasize about blowing off all responsibilites to frolic around New York City. That's why we're loving this exclusive "School Daze" photo shoot by Maya Fuhr, who you may remember from our favorite female Instagram photographers Insta Files. Click through the gallery for some dreamy Coppola-esque shots and awesome threads. (And don't be surprised if you find yourself calling out of work "sick" tomorrow.)


Photos by Maya Fuhr

Styled by Toyo Tsuchiya from LVA Artists

Stylist's Assistant: Liana Vasserot

Model: Leah Eliopulos from RE:DIRECT Models

Makeup and Hair by Alexis Williams from LVA Artists

Blaze and Pantsr: Bohemian Bones

Sweater: Nanette Lepore

Necklace: I Still Love You NYC

Socks: HUE

Creepers: Mango

Backpack: Kipling

Crop Top: Mary Meyer

Skirt: Kate Spade Saturday

Knee Socks: HUE

Baseball Hat: WXYZ JEWELRY

Backpack: Kipling

Creepers: Mango

Pullover: Bohemian Bones

Camisole: Bohemian Bones

Jeans: Courtshop

Earrings: I Still Love You NYC

Black Backpack: Kipling

Coat: Kate Spade

Sweater: Bohemian Bones

Button Down Shirt: Electric Love Army

Plaid Leather Skirt: Veda

Headpiece: Gillian Steinhardt

Backpack: Kipling

Blazer: Electric Love Army

Dress: Mary Meyer

Knee Socks: HUE

Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman

Beanie: Young & Reckless

Glasses: Holes