A Documentary On Film Scores Is Coming, And Boy Does It Look Good

OSTs for the win

Movie scores function two ways: they score the films we watch and, thanks to the mobile music movement, our lives thereafter. If actors are the heart of a film, the soundtrack is its soul. This year, someone (director Matt Schrader) is finally taking audiences into the world of Hollywood score composers, a world that is too often overlooked.

Based on the trailer, which I may or may not have teared up watching, Score features archival footage of greats like John Williams working on their more iconic compositions alongside interviews with other notable soundtrack composers. Though the trailer doesn't touch on it, hopefully, it will go into the lack of diversity within this select but growing industry. The great Quincy Jones is the only person of color to appear in the trailer, and Rachel Portman (Chocolat) and Deborah Lurie (Just Add Magic) are the only women. Mica Levi (Jackie), where you at? After all, if there is, as Lurie says, a renaissance going on within the film music world, diverse representation has to be at the forefront. 

We'll see come June 16 when Score is released. Until then, here are the best movie soundtracks to get work done to. You can also watch Hans Zimmer perform his Dark Knight composition from his Coachella set here because if ever there were a signal that a renaissance is going on, it's the fact that Zimmer played a giant set at Coachella.