screen queen

never get sunburned again

by liza darwin

It's happened to everyone- an innocent day at the beach turns us into splotchy lobsters by the end. Even though we swear we applied sunscreen, something obviously went wrong.

Coppertone's new iPhone app is here to make sure that these sun horror stories never happen again by doing all of the legwork for us.

The MyUV application has a built-in GPS that tells you how strong the UV rays are in your region, and then recommends what level sun protection you should use. It even keeps track of details like when you last applied your sunscreen, and sends reminders when it's time to reapply.

Not sure what you'll need for an intense  game of volleyball versus relaxing on the beach? The app also suggests which suncare type works best depending on which activity you'll be doing.

With this new application, we've run out of excuses for getting burned.

Now, all we have to worry about is which swimsuit to wear.