These Secret Apps Are Helping Folks Stop Snoopers

but be careful, y’all

You can judge how adventurous an individual is by seeing how they react when you give them your phone. Do their eyes widen when you search something like “Gri-“? When they show you a picture, do they let you hold the phone? Or tell you to stop scrolling? Well, folks, time to let that fear go. If ever you need to hide some of your smartphone activity, there are many apps for that.

These secret apps are gaining recognition, thanks to parents discovering them on their children’s phones. It has many moms and dads feeling some type of way, but kids will do what kids will do. These apps, though, aren’t just for teens. Apps like My Secret Folder and HiCalculator have the capability to keep photos, notes, texts, and even apps hidden from plain view. They come complete with a security code that the average human can’t crack. A quick search on the App Store yields over 15 results. Sheesh.

Of course, the danger of apps like these is misusing them and storing illicit content. Ultimately, teaching folks responsible tech use is key, because even though something might be hidden or deleted, everything leaves a digital footprint. Just think: If you were to be hacked, would you feel okay with having what you’re hiding being made public? If your answer is no, then think twice before hiding anything.