How to Seduce a Gemini

    How to lock down the Twins

    by · May 27, 2016

    illustrated by Liz Riccardi

    Lock your gaze with Gemini’s trademark crystalline eyes and you’ll know—the bright, incandescent light behind those sparkling eyes is their genuine sense of curiosity. The action never stops with these chatty, sharp-witted air signs, notorious for collecting suitors and admirers who’d gladly drop all the trappings of everyday life to follow the sprightly Pied Piper of Good Times.

    But falling for someone born under the dualistic sign of the Twins is like chasing fireflies; one second, your boo is buzzing, aglow with energy, illuminating your path with sweet kisses and come-ons. But then, poof, the lights go out and you’re left alone on a cold trail with nada, no sign of intelligent life. Flexible, fickle, and deeply impulsive, the path to Gemini’s heart is a rocky road to ride (actually, it’s more of a trip). You need to love a good puzzle and possess patience by the pound, but those that are strong and smart enough to handle these dynamic little orbs of energy, mischief, and glitter are rewarded tenfold in spicy adventures and transcendent, mind-expanding experiences—just don’t get too comfortable in one position. Timing is everything with Gemini, the zodiac’s most challenging, spirited lover, so buckle up and read on before attempting to tame these Twins.

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