emerging art world stars hit mtv…again?!

by liza darwin

Before My Super Sweet Sixteen, before Cribs, and even before TRL (r.i.p.), MTV rocked the airwaves with Art Break, a series of television shorts created by iconic artists like Richard Prince, Keith Haring, and Jean Michel Basquiat. A 30-second intro to current creative innovators, it was kind of like a video Sparknotes. But these bite-size promos also prove that visual art is equally as cool as music videos to the MTV crowd.

Now the '80s throwback is getting a second life this summer with a slew of new artists and a bigtime digital presence. MTV has teamed up with MoMA, PS1 and Creative Time to showcase retro videos as well as new ones from emerging stars like Tala Madani, Rashaad Newsome, and Mickalene Thomas.

The 10 original video art pieces will officially air in a couple of weeks. Until then, check out the Basquiat classic below...or just go to your local museum.

Get more info and sneak artist peeks here.