Listen To Selena Gomez And A$AP Rocky’s “Good For You”

“good for you”

This morning, Selena Gomez—or perhaps someone resembling the once-Disney star—released her new song, "Good For You." The track, which also features A$AP Rocky, is slow-burning and dance-worthy. And though we've seen both of those characteristics in Gomez's previous songs, this one is completely unlike anything we've heard from the 22-year-old. With lyrics like, "Now you say I got a touch, so good, so good / Make you never wanna leave, so don’t, so don’t / Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight / Do my hair up real, real nice / And syncopate my skin to your heart beating," it's clear that Gomez is taking a more, err, direct(?) approach to her music. The vocals are also extremely different from anything we've heard. Whether that's a change in production effects, we're not sure. Either way, it's a good listen.