Selena Gomez Is A Pretty Little Liar On Her New Single

Listen to “Bad Liar” now

Selena Gomez's brand-new single, "Bad Liar," puts heartbreak on blast, as she opens up about how difficult it is to get over an ex. "All my feelings on fire/ Guess I'm a bad liar," she sings in the pre-chorus.

Gomez continues to try her hardest to show off her rebellious side, and the artwork for the track reflects this. The first is a tastefully risqué shot cropped to show the pop star wearing a white dress printed with blue butterflies and flowers while laying on what appears to be concrete (or dirty sand?). Her legs are crossed so as to expose her thigh, which has "bad liar" written on it in red lipstick.

The second is a close-up of Gomez laying on a mattress in a camisole, her arm decorated with a "fall risk" wristband, gauze tape, and a ribbon, looking like she's on the verge of tears. A few weeks ago, Gomez hinted that she was "working on something magical" with Petra and Anna Collins. Evidently, this is what she was referring to, so we can expect to see the full collaboration unfold soon. In a comment that has since been deleted, Petra mentioned that Gomez "came straight from the hospital to this shoot—from being there for lupus." 

Apparently, Spotify users have access to an exclusive video for the single which Gomez has been sharing clips of on Instagram. According to Genius, the tune borrows the bassline from Talking Heads' “Psycho Killer," if you thought that sounded familiar. (Billboard confirmed that David Byrne “wholeheartedly gave his permission” for the sample though so no foul play here.) Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels are also credited for co-writing the track.

Resist temptation and stream the moody ballad, below.