beauty queen: selena gomez

give your locks the wave with these curly hair tips.

by liza darwin

The hair gods love Selena Gomez. No kidding, the singer is blessed with picture-perfect hair, no matter the style.  Even though Gomez's messy side braid from last week might still be fresh in our minds, that's soon going to change...mostly thanks to the gorgeous waves the 22-year-old sported at her concert in Las Vegas over the weekend. Hopscotching the line between classic Old Hollywood and pop star, these cascading waves were threaded with subtle blue accents that added just enough edge for the ex-Disney kid. Yes, they might be expensions, but you know what? The fact that we didn't even see her perform but are still obsessing over these locks is reason enough to dub Gomez today's Beauty Queen. So even if you're not quite so lucky in the hair lottery as she is, here's how to copy the look for in 3 steps.

1. DRY IT- AG Hair Insulate Blow Dry Spray, $16 and CHI Red Pro Dryer, $89

Before blow-drying, protect your hair by spritzing on this color-shield spray. Then blow dry, using a round brush to help smooth and pointing the nozzle upward for an extra boost of volume.

2. WAND IT: Sultra The Bombshell 1 Inch Wand, $130

Now comes the most important part: The Wand.  Since Gomez's waves are more wild than princessy, we suggest using Sultra's middle-sized version of The Wand for her curls. Take a 1" group of section of your hair and wrap it around The Wand, holding for five seconds. Then let it go, and repeat all over your head. It's time consuming, but trust us, it's worth it.

3. SPRAY IT: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, $28

If you want, lightly (emphasis on light!) brush through the curls so they fall naturally. Finally, set it with Bumble's spray, which lifts hair from the roots.