Selena Gomez’s New Strange Video, “Fetish,” Is Super Intense

But we like it

Selena Gomez released her latest single “Fetish” two weeks ago with accompanying visuals shot by Petra Collins. But wait, the pop star wasn’t finished just yet! Because the first video merely included three minutes of the artist mouthing the words to her very own song. If your fetish centers around Gomez and her mouth this would suffice. If not, she dropped some more visuals today that show the entirety of her face and body.

Also directed by Petra Collins, “Fetish” part two is more along the lines of what we were expecting when she initially started teasing the video on Instagram. At first, we find Gomez stumbling around the suburbs and manically smashing glasses in a quaint home. Things escalate from there as we witness Gomez eating soap and lipstick, closing an eyelash curler on her tongue, and sprawled along the floor. All of this takes place under a retro filter of hazy light, similar to the “Bad Liar” video.

Selena Gomez just turned 25 but, for some (okay, me), she will always be frozen in time as a teenage Disney star. This video helps to thaw that image as she manages to be both a little creepy, but also delightful. Someone get this girl another acting role!

Watch the video for “Fetish” above.