Selena Gomez Rudderless Interview

and her “dreamboat” music collaborator.

by jordan riefe

Even though she only has two scenes in Rudderless—the William H. Macy-directed film about tragic loss, in theaters tomorrow—Selena Gomez delivers a stunning emotionally-charged acting and musical performance. With the film's release and the imminent release of her new album on the way, Gomez has a lot to talk about. 

Talk about themes of loss in the movie. Have you experience the kind of loss Kate goes through? 

First off, I think in general I am Kate’s age and so you’re already feeling so many emotions and you’re figuring out what does this mean, what does that mean. You’re not really sure how you are so then you add a tragedy like losing someone and it can literally alter everything about you. You’re not old enough to really understand what those feelings are and how to maintain them and control them. That’s the worst part about loss. You losing someone it’s almost worse than losing yourself, actually. That’s the message. You see Kate and she’s just distraught. You never see closure for her and she’ll have to carry that for a while. And I think that’s important and I think a lot of girls can relate to that. It’s a very difficult thing but losing yourself is way worse.

Have you experienced this kind of loss in your own life?

I’ve actually been extremely fortunate in not losing someone but I’ve experienced something like that and I’ve watched it hurt people and I’ve watched what it can do to someone. I think it’s important to have redemption and hope and that’s what this movie is. We start off with something extremely tragic but then throughout the move you do see redemption. Whether it’s right or wrong how he went about it, it was the way Billy’s character needed to go through it.

Him playing the songs of his deceased son like that, is it forgivable?

To be honest I love music, I’m a musician. I think music is the universal language. When you’re sad, you listen to a sad song. When you’re happy, you listen to a happy song. So he got to know what his son was feeling through music. That is a bit of closure. But hurt people hurt people, that’s just the truth. When you’re upset and you’re hurt, you do things. It’s an immediate reaction and I think he did the best he could and my character definitely couldn’t handle it.

It’s often very hard for a young star to make the transition to grownup roles. Do you have a master plan for your career? 

I don’t feel like there’s a plotted plan, especially because I add the element of music because I love music and I enjoy doing both so much. For me, I’m in the middle of that transition, so I’m not saying I’m successful and I’ve done it, because I’m not sure yet. I still go to auditions and knock on doors to make people watch one tape of mine. People already have a perception of you and you’re trying to go in and create this character in the way you see it and prove to yourself not just to these casting directors, cause once you have the part, then you go to prove it to the audience. I feel the choices I’ve made so far, knock on wood, have been great. I’m still figuring it out.

Any chance you and Justin might team up for a single?

My dreamboat is actually Bruno Mars, I’m not going to lie. He’s one of the most talented male musicians. He’s super cool and he has a whole other style. I think that that would be fun. I always feel it’s best to keep work separate.

You have a new album coming. What can you tell us about it?

I have a few surprises coming out that I’m really excited to share with my fans. It will be very soon, so I’m very excited. I teased about it at the beginning of the year telling my fans I have secret project and it will be coming into fruition soon.

What can you tell us about it? 

I don’t want to because I’ve been so good this whole year and nobody found out anything so it’ll be exciting. You’ll have to see. It will be very, very soon.

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