Watch Now: Selena Gomez’s New Video “The Heart Wants What It Wants”

we’ve all been there.

In her just-released single and music video “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” singer and actress Selena Gomez prefaces a story of heartbreak by letting everything out during emotional and tearful conversation. In it, you hear about one girl's failed relationship with a guy she just can’t quit (all signs point to Justin Bieber).

The convo sets the vibe for both the song itself and its black-and-white accompanying video, which features Gomez somberly reminiscing the past with this guy (whomever he may be). We’re totally digging Gomez’s new grown-up musical style that reflects her recent movie roles, and how close to home this hits. Whether it's your BFF, your sister, or your favorite It-Girl, here's to crying for a few minutes over a broken heart, and then letting it all go.

(via Perez Hilton)

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