7 it-girls on how to come into your own

    we’ve all been there

    by · June 23, 2015

    Photo by David X Prutting/BFA.com, courtesy of Alice + Olivia

    No one said growing up was easy, but with the emergence of social media, it seems like there’s more pressure to fit in now more than ever. Luckily, along with all its drawbacks, the Internet has brought more empowering women to the public eye. This weekend, at Alice + Olivia’s beachfront BBQ celebrating 10 years of retail, we caught up with some of the individuals that prove that being weird, quirky, and different is, in fact, cool, and asked them what advice they’d give to those who are struggling to stay true to their own identity. Click through the gallery to hear their wisdom, and remember: Sitting at the “popular” table probably means you’re boring.

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