Celebrate Self-Love With These 10 Seductive Lingerie Looks

    Appreciate yourself in these beautiful looks

    by and · February 14, 2017

    Photo by Ana Iram, Styled by Heather Newberger

    There’s nothing more romantic than learning to love yourself, and while you’re taking the time to practice self-love, you might as well dress the part. We rounded up some of the hottest lingerie to wear (this Valentine’s Day, but also well beyond) when you’re really feeling yourself. We also caught up with the models wearing the looks to find out what it is they love about themselves and the importance of self-care.

    Check it all out in the slideshow below, and remember the wise words of RuPaul (of which model Esther reminded us), “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love someone else?” So true.

    Photographer: Ana IramStylist: Heather Newberger
    Stylist Assistant: Ludovica Varotto
    Makeup: Tony Tulve
    Hair: Marina Guidos
    Models: Esther at OMIT MGMT, Iman and Maggie at Wilhelmina, Alexa at IMG, Eddy LeRoy Jr.

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