Seth Meyers’s Impeachment Joke Is Too Real

Happy Inauguration Day, or something

In just a couple of hours, Donald Trump will be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. For all of the reasons that this is insane—and it is insane for many, many reasons—there is one that is particularly maddening. On his final “A Closer Look” segment before Trump takes office, Seth Meyers pointed out that the second after Trump takes the oath of office, he will be in direct violation of the Constitution he has just sworn to protect, due to his many business entanglements and stubborn refusal to divest from them or place them in a blind trust. “I guess that explains the schedule,” Meyers said. “Noon swearing-in, 3pm inaugural parade, 6pm impeachment hearing.”

Meyers is, of course, telling a joke; according to many ethics lawyers, including the ones who worked for both Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Trump’s conflicts of interest are “nakedly unconstitutional.”

Elsewhere in his segment, Meyers ripped Trump for the lack of A-list talent at his inauguration, despite Trump’s tweet claiming it was his choice. “Who does he think he is convincing with tweets like that?” asked Meyers. “He sounds like a high school senior getting ready for prom. All the popular girls asked me to go, but I wanted to go with my mom.”

And, of course, Meyers took aim at that ridiculous photo of Trump pretending to write his inauguration address. “He has the face of that dude with the laptop at Starbucks who you know is never finishing that screenplay,” he said.

Watch the video above, and good luck today.