the ultimate shakespeare movie marathon

    celebrate the bard’s b-day with heath, leo, josh, and more.

    by · April 23, 2014

    Happy birthday, William Shakespeare! The iconic poet, actor, and playwright turns 450 years old, and we’ve got just the way to celebrate the Bard’s big day. Even better, it’s one that doesn’t involve digging through your high school English syllabus.

    Instead, cancel your plans tonight and click through the best Shakespeare-inspired films here. Featuring everything from the literal interpretations (about a billion versions of Romeo and Juliet) to the abstract retellings (hello, Lion King!), it’s the easiest way to get your lit fix and swoon over young Josh Hartnett and Leo DiCaprio, all at the same time.

    If a rose by any other name still smells as sweet, then a Shakespeare flick by any other name is still awesome--so check out our faves now!

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