Shana Cleveland & The Sand Castles Premiere: Holy Rollers

moody acoustic goodness

Seattle-based musician Shana Cleveland—whose slightly husky voice you might recognize from La Luz—is about to release Oh Man, Cover The Ground, an album she recorded with a group of rotating musicians she calls The Sandcastles. And while Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles have been performing for over six years, this is their first proper album together—not because of laziness, but because of Cleveland’s commitment to getting the sound just right. And based on what we’ve heard of the record, the wait was worth it.

“Holy Rollers,” the video for which is premiering here, is an acoustic guitar-driven, folksy song with early Cat Power vibes. Despite how mellow and breezy it is, there’s a moody undercurrent, so it’s less a song fit for a sunny spring afternoon, and more like a rainy day tune, in the best way possible. It feels casual and loose, but demands that you pay attention to the details—like Cleveland’s totally gorgeous finger-picking skills, which add a layer of intensity to the melody. 

The video is admittedly pretty weird, featuring Cleveland performing the song in front of a shiny gold backdrop in various costumes. But it’s quirky in a way that works; when a song is this good, you don’t need a plot-heavy video to back it up. 

Check it out below, and don’t miss Oh Man, Cover The Ground when it drops on May 26. 

Tour Dates:

05.14.15 - Seattle, WA at Tractor Tavern supporting The Cave Singers

05.22.15 - Tumbleweeds, ID at Farm Fest

05.23.15 - Salt Lake City, UT at Diabolical Records

05.25.15 - Omaha, NE at Sweatshop Gallery

05.26.15 - Columbia, MO at Cafe Berlin

05.27.15 - Memphis, TN at Glitch

05.31.15 - Detroit, MI at UFO Factory

06.03.15 - Fargo, ND at The Aquarium

06.05.15 - Calgary, AB at Local 510

06.26.15 - Seattle, WA at Columbia City Theater (Album Release Party)