Photo courtesy of Sharon Saunders


Shannon Saunders’ Single Is “Pure” Ear Candy

Can’t take your eyes off this alt-pop star

Shannon Saunders has an arresting voice that will stop you in your tracks and then set you back in motion by the booming beats that ring in your ears. While the U.K.-based singer-songwriter and instrumentalist has been independently releasing music on her label, Lovejoy Records, she admits that sticking to a budget can be challenging when her imagination runs wild with brilliant ideas. Today, we're premiering the moody and monochromatic music video for "Pure."

"The inspiration behind the song was my experience of the journey between first heartbreak and first love," she said. "For the video, I wanted something dramatic, chaotic, calm, and pure, all quite literally rolled into one."

In the Damian Weilers-directed video, Saunders takes viewers to the beautiful, black beaches of Iceland covered in volcanic sand. It's hard to tell that Saunders was freezing the entire time that filming took place, as she translates feelings of warmth through the visual. (It also probably helps that she was wearing a bulky fur coat, though we're sure that walking around barefoot was brutal.) For a song about unconditional love, this certainly paints the picture with little distractions.

Get swept up in the video, below.