shaving oils by somersets

Shave on-the-go…

by Christian Lavery

A good shave doesn’t have to take place within the walls of your own bathroom -- nor is there always time for that to happen. But a busy schedule shouldn't result in a look that resembles Tom Hanks in Cast Away. With a little help from Somersets, you’ll be able to achieve a close, clean shave free of nicks, cuts, and razor burn in any on-the-go situation.

The brand’s shaving oils for men, available in original, extra sensitive, and tough stubble, are all formulated with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils that create a lubricating barrier between the skin and razor. Whether you’re going straight to the bar from the boardroom, or need to freshen up after an intense gym session, the tiny bullet-shaped container should always be handy. Use it with or without water as three simple drops will suffice for one shave and each bottle is good for up to 90 separate occasions. Buy any of the Somersets shaving oils HERE, and put an end to improvised, on-the-go shaving.