Watch Shia LaBeouf Freestyle Rap

the rap battle to end all rap battles

by jenny lee

UPDATE (11:58 A.M. June 30): Following the emergence Shia LaBeouf's viral rap video, rap collective Anomolies has called out LaBeouf for plagiarizing the group's lyrics. The accusation is hard to ignore because the lines "I reckon you want more of that rare commodity, the quality is what it’s got to be, and my philosophy is much farther than what your eyes can see,” are exactly the same as ones from the Anomolies' 1999 song, "Perfectionist." LaBeouf's publicist has not yet spoken up on the issue. Yikes.

ORIGINAL POST (9:30 A.M. June 29): Back in 2003, Shia LaBeouf gave us a taste of his rap skills on the Holes soundtrack, "Dig It." Luckily for us, he didn't end his rap career there. 

After being hospitalized for a head injury on the set of his upcoming movie American Honey, a new video shows that LaBeouf seems do be doing much better. So much better, in fact, that he's out engaging in rap battles and showing off his dope freestyle. In the video, LaBeouf is shirtless and sporting his famous rat-tail, surrounded by a crowd that listens intently as he spits his rhymes. The best part is that he is pretty good. After all, this is the guy who really can do anything he puts his mind to. Freestyle rap is not an exception.

Color us impressed, LaBeouf.