the great glossy vs. matte eyeliner debate…

by liza darwin

Yes, most black eye pencils look exactly the same in the package. But as anyone who's ever attempted a cat eye or pretty smudge can attest, that's so not the case once you actually put them on. Now, the latest in the long list of unexpectedly awesome black markers comes courtesy of NYX.

In its new Collection Noir line, the beauty brand has rolled out both a glossy and a matte eye pencil that are both twist-up, waterproof, and super cheap.

We tried them out ourselves this weekend, and found that it's hard to tell the difference between the shimmery glossy and velvety matte unless you're thisclose. But if you do want to wear them together, the shine looks great on the top lashes, whereas the matte looks better on the bottom.

Either way, at just $6 each there's no reason why you can't buy both and see for yourself. Check them out here and let us know... which type of non-basic black do you like best?