shock value

get into the neon-a-thon.

by faran krentcil

Behold, a nail collection born for the "good idea or bad idea" game:

Neon nail polishes... that are scented.

Made by Mattese Elite, the range includes hot pink, neon purple, electric blue, and a yellowy green that we'll just call "Mountain Dew."

Each polish is named for a Happy Hour Cocktail and each smells like their fruity inspiration - grape, orange, lime, and cherry.

We tested the polishes, and although they smell like Poppers in the bottle (don't ask how we know what those smell like...) once they dry, they actually do have a sugary whiff of Bubblicious flavor.

Whether or not you want your nails to smell like Fun Dip is an entirely personal preference, but we'll vouch for the fact that they work as promised...

Mattese Elite Neon Nail Polishes, $5.99 each at Ricky's