Listen To Sia’s Soaring New Ballad ‘One Candle’

This Is Peak Sia

by daniel barna

If you notice us walking around with a sunnier disposition than usual lately, it probably has something to do with Sia. With her upcoming album This is Acting due in January, the steel-voiced singer is everywhere lately, from the just released "Alive" video to this weekend's hugely anticipated SNL gig.

And just when we thought we'd reached peak Sia, she goes ahead and drops "One Candle" another dramatic pop anthem because that's what Sia does best. The song was recorded for the upcoming documentary Racing Extinctionwhich examines humanity's role in the extinction of endangered species. If it sounds familiar, you may have been kicking it by the Empire State Building this summer, when the film's director, Louie Psihoyos, teamed with artist Travis Threlkel and projected videos of endangered species on the side of the building, accompanied by Sia's song. 

As a longtime animal advocate, the pairing of Sia and this incredibly vital film feels a natural fit. "How could I pass up an opportunity to turn the volume up on this issue?" the singer told Rolling Stone recently. "I am proud to lend my voice to this important film."

Catch Racing Extinction when it airs on the Discovery Channel on December 2, and listen to "One Candle" above.