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Sia And Diplo Unleash Your New Breakup Anthem, “Waving Goodbye”

I love you, but it’s your turn to cry

by Lisa Eppich

Move over "Don't Speak" and "You Oughta Know"—Sia and Diplo's "Waving Goodbye" is the best new addition to your breakup playlist you've had in ages. A bold statement, yes, but a single listen to the new gut-punching tune will have you scream-singing "One hand is holding your body, the other..." every time you drink too much and think about That Guy. Which will probably be your night tonight.

"Waving Goodbye" is featured on the soundtrack to the new movie The Neon Demon, which is all about a gorgeous young model who has to become cutthroat (read: murderous) in order to stay on top. Sia's slightly-distorted and disjointed singing soars over Diplo's deep but frenetic beats, creating a vibe that fluctuates between calm and chaotic. This helps drive home the song's message about that particularly awful kind of breakup where you're still deeply attached but know it's healthier for you to leave. The chorus succinctly embodies this confusion, stating "So one hand is holding your body / The other is waving goodbye / I love you, but it's your turn to cry." It's at once strong and defiant, yet still deeply sad and mournful. 

Although the song is largely centered around the chorus, there are other anthemic lyrics that speak to the realities many women face when deciding to leave a partner—particularly an abusive partner, as the song alludes to. Lyrics like, "When the voice in my head / Tells me I should treat myself better I know you don’t mean to be mean / When you’re hurting you'll see/  You can see just how dark it is getting," are a powerful message about how difficult the choice to leave can be, even when it seems like it should be easy decision when you're being gaslighted or manipulated.

So, check out the full track below, grab that bottle of red, and try really hard not to text your ex. Really, you'll be better off.

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