Sigrid’s “Plot Twist” Video Is Right Where You Want To Be Post-Breakup

Shots fired!

Life after a breakup is bittersweet. It's murky and confusing while also liberating. It's time for some much-needed TLC—especially if the relationship was an exceptional rollercoaster of emotions. Rising pop sensation Sigrid's "Plot Twist," off of her stellar Don't Kill My Vibe EP, is a middle finger to a bad ex, packed with the cathartic "I'm better now" attitude. As a song, it's brimming with the cockiness and apathy you project toward a toxic ex. As a video, it's euphoric.

Shot in Bergen, Norway, the just-released "Plot Twist" video finds Sigrid carefree and blissfully over it. She's living the fantasy of running into your ex and showing off how happy you truly are. "'Plot Twist' is about finally getting over someone," she says in a statement. But rather than depict that, she and her team "decided we wanted the focus to be on me having a good time with my best friends." A solid call. The best revenge, after all, is your own happiness.