5 Super Simple Yoga Poses Perfect For The Office

No studio required

If you're like us here at NYLON, you're familiar with that feeling of the workday dragging on seemingly forever. Emails must be sent and deadlines must be made amidst more spontaneous corporate chaos. Because of this, the need for a little boost becomes absolutely necessary, especially when the day just... never ends.

So, what to do when that third cup of coffee just refuses to kick in? Lucky for us, nutritionist, author, and yoga instructor Lola Berry came by to share some of her favorite poses that can be done in the office. Each move is guaranteed to give you some much-needed pep in your step so that the 2:30 slump doesn't stand a chance.

I know what you're thinking: Yoga? In the office? Really? Well, the good news is that each pose (perfect for both experts and beginners) can be easily performed from the comfort of your desk/cubicle area. 

Check out the video, below, and give your hectic workday a healthy dose of Zen.

Producer/Director: Samantha Gutstadt

Co-Producer: Ren Potts

Camera Operator: David Zuckerman

Video Editor: Jack MacIlvain